RV Basics – Parking and staying overnight

Staying with the caravan on the roadside?

When on tour strikes the fatigue and no caravan or camping is nearby, only the overnight stays at the roadside. But what do you need when that is permitted?

In Germany parking, the rule of thumb, which is not expressly prohibited is permitted. An approved motorhome which is beyond matching products must be parked in a public space without further ado, without time restrictions. Park or Nächtigungsverbote must be clearly evident by signs.

A special case is the parking on the sidewalk. This rule applies only to vehicles up to 2.8 tonnes gross weight. As usual motorhomes are significantly heavier, it therefore may not be parked on the sidewalk in a rule. Every now and then you meet on the blue parking sign with a white Zusatzschild a motorhome pictogram.

The stay in the vehicle goes beyond the mere Parking and therefore subject to different rules. To restore the ability to drive, it is allowed to spend a night in the car. It starts from a period of about ten hours. Attention: Parking is not the same as camping, therefore refrain from putting up camping furniture or the extension of the awning. The multiple sleep in the same place, such as a public car park is also a special use, which must be approved.

A legal special use is the stay is on parking spaces. The duration of permitted parking governs here the statutes that must be visible for example through notices.

On motorways arise for motorhome drivers can cause several problems. Firstly the parking signs on the motorhomes are often not taken into account: If only cars and trucks are explicitly mentioned, camper vans with 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight may actually park anywhere legally. The Department of Transportation notes in this regard the countries that have been invited to provide for motorhomes sufficient parking space on motorways. Camper vans over 3.5 tonnes may be on the truck places – but it is recommended not to overlook the noise. In addition, truck drivers must follow the rest, should they be out of consideration not to dispute the parking for no good reason.

Speaking of rest breaks: If you want to stay on motorways you should think twice about it.